Our Initiative

Our initiative is to create a safe, accessible, and welcoming environment where youth can explore their own strengths, goals, dreams, beliefs, values, passions, and identities. We provide culturally appropriate supports, services and approaches that help cope with the growing needs of mental health challenges to empower youth to thrive.

Group Activities

Join us for group activities such as team games, music sharing, art groups, and many more!

Youth Voice

Youth voice is essential to Youth Elemento. Young adults share their ideas and projects they want to do and see at the drop-in at our Youth Council. Youth council is hosted monthly, come and share your ideas!

Young Adult Community Projects

Community projects consist of photography in Chelsea, Mental health initiatives, Chelsea mural focus groups, housing focus groups, outreach events and more!

What You Will Get In Our Drop-In Center

Support for LGBTQ
Peer Support
Access to Leadership Opportunities

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