A safe space for young adults who identify as LGBTQIA+ or who are questioning if they identify. This month we will be asking all of the questions about gender and sexuality and finding the answers together!

Get exposed to new music and share the music you love with the rest of the group. We will watch music videos together and talk about our favorite songs.

Practice making food with us in our kitchen! We will be making traditional Central American dishes to share.

Our clinician will be in the center for one-on-one sessions, wellness groups, and more. Check out our Wellness Wednesday flyer for more information.

Young adults share their voice and tell us what programs and changes they would like to see at the center.

Creating art with different themes and materials each month! Paint & canvas, coloring books, window paint & more!

Want to learn English? Join us as we get creative and learn English. We will be watching shows with Spanish subtitles, Karaoke, Fill in the blanks and more!